Say hello to a smarter ID

Create a digital identity that’s secure, handy and super easy to use

Paperless onboarding

With a digital identity, complete your onboarding in just a few clicks


Choose what to include in your Repute ID and decide how it’s used

Secure credentials

Protect your identity online with our end-to-end encryption

How it works

Download the Repute app, sign up and fetch your identity documents from authentic sources. Build it as you go and enjoy the power of your ID on your fingertips.
We don’t read, store or share your data. With our blockchain technology, create a fully decentralised digital identity that only you own and control.
Build, share and manage your identity anytime, directly using the Repute app. Securely share your verified data with others with a tap of a button.

Seek out amazing deals

Handcrafted by businesses that put you first

Been a good tenant?, customer?, employee?

With Repute, we want you rewarded for all that and more.
Bring together your data that sits split across multiple businesses on one flexible platform.

And of course, get all of this done by taking the reins of your data where they belong - In your hands!

Personalise your Experience

Seek out customised deals & awesome rewards with data that can vouch for you

Build your Reputation

Use past transactional data to build a reputation that precedes you no matter where you go

Stay on Top

See and manage how businesses perceive you by sharing data using the Repute app

Create a revolutionary new digital identity

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