About the client

Our client is a formidable player in the global outsourcing business market. They offer a wide basket of offshore services to their clients – which include recruiting talent for offices around the world, staff augmentation services including technology & product development teams, hiring experienced international recruiters for assisting onsite hiring teams, boosting brand image, lead generation and business development.


Our client was looking to digitize the records of its 650+ employees, so as to be able to process their salaries, leave requests, etc., in a seamless manner via their HRMS platform-GreytHR. This, they feared, would involve a lot of manual document uploads (4 documents each for 650 employees),verifications of all these documents to ensure these are authentic and with accurate details, potential upload errors from employees, and the corrections that come with all this.

For a team of the size of 650, this would be a fairly time consuming and tedious process. The client was looking for an efficient way to do this digitalization of employee records, as also create a better process to onboard talent in the future.


The client reached out to Repute, to see how we can help address this challenge. Repute’s SmartOnboard App is precisely designed to smoothen out onboarding processes and document verification, and was the solution they needed.

All the 650 employees were sent an online form created using SmartOnboard, for digital document collection. The employees uploaded their identity documents and other details in the form either by using Digilocker or via manual uploads.

Once the form were submitted, all the details were auto-verified directly from the data source, such as the UIDAI and NSDL, and hence they did not need to be verified manually for authenticity. There is no room for upload errors in this process, and so the exercise was a lot more efficient for them.

The verified employee details were instantly made available on the SmartOnboard App, within the HRMS platform. The client found this so beneficial that SmartOnboard has now become part of their regular onboarding process.



Document Upload Time
Document Verification Time
Document Re-upload and Verification Time

The client noticed the following impact:

  • Document upload time, which previously took about one day, came down to 2-3 minutes
  • Time taken to verify each of these documents, which previously required 15-20 minutes per document, came down to zero
  • Previously, over 60% of the documents were uploaded incorrectly, requiring duplicate efforts. This came down to zero
  • Re-upload and re-checking time, in case of incorrect uploads, was previously about 20 mins per incorrect document. This came down to zero as well.

About Repute

Repute is a talent management network where recruiters and employee benefits providers can access verified identity and employment data through HRMS platforms in a simple, speedy, and secure manner- all with prior consent of the data owner, i.e. the employee. This forms the foundation for apps that are designed to smoothen the hiring process, and significantly improve employee experience.

The Repute SmartOnboard App has revolutionized talent onboarding in many leading organizations, with significant documented savings in precious man-hours.

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