Reimagining Data Exchange

Now faster, safer & miles better

Participate in a decentralised infrastructure that allows same-industry peers to
share data directly, in a fundamentally new way

A 100% Secure

With advanced blockchain technology, make sure your data is for the intended eyes only

Monetarily Rewarding

Use your data on your terms and unravel a new source of revenue

Inclusive Ecosystem

Create a reliable & inclusive partner ecosystem to get an enriched view of all customers

Compliant across Channels

Be compliant with data protection regulations and collect data ethically across all channels

Insights that Matter

Understand your customers better than ever before

With Repute-powered consortium built on self-regulation, become a part of an infrastructure that just keeps giving

Better Cashflow
Encourage & reward timely customer payments in an exclusive consortium.
Customised Offerings
Build personalised user-centric proposals based on holistic customer profiles.
Efficient Screening
Screen customers efficiently without hurting the user experience.

Simple & Seamless Onboarding

Focus on growing your business while we onboard your customers

Integrate with Repute Forms, a digital identity verification solution for fast-growing businesses

Zero Frauds
Get access to verifiable & authentic data to onboard only customers who are who they claim to be
Minimum Cost
Bring data verification cost to a minimum by eliminating manual reviews
Fewer Dropouts
Spike your conversion rate with easy onboarding that gets completed in just a few clicks

The future is based on trust.
And we’re here to build it - one transaction at a time.

Become a part of a more inclusive, efficient & a secure partner ecosystem.