Digital Trust at Scale

Harness the power of open networks and blockchain technology to exchange data, perform transactions, share insights and collaborate securely.
Decentralized data sharing prevents data monopoly and gives you complete ownership of your data and its usage.


For Talent Management

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    Digital offer management including real time compensation insights

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    Fast and accurate talent onboarding and background verification

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    Value added employee benefits like insurance and banking for better employee engagement

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For onboarding users

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    Enable smooth & seamless customer onboarding on your website

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    Eliminate frauds & asset thefts with instant ID, income and employment verification

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    Access a user’s profile & transaction history on the network for better screening


Decentralized data exchange

Embrace the principles of Web 3.0. Share data and insights with your peers on the network, using blockchain technology. No single entity owns the data, making sure it is not monopolized.

Data Security powered by blockchain

Repute is compliant with all data protection regulations and enables secure data sharing across all channels. We use advanced blockchain technology to keep data absolutely safe.


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